What is unique in Home Guards

Home Guards is a voluntary and honorary organization, like any other service oriented organizations. Then, what is its uniqueness? The status it enjoys is its specialty. Home Guards is considered as an auxiliary force to the Police Force, which is vested with enormous powers.

Another important feature is, the Home Guards organization, which came into existence in the year 1963 during Chineese aggression is covered by both a Central and State Acts. A Home Guard enjoys the privilege of Police officer when discharges his official duty and he is protected by all Laws protecting a Police man. Home Guard’s identity, like a Police man, is distinct, as he is wearing a prescribed uniform approved by the Government and he is paid special allowances whenever he is called for duty and recently the allowance is enhanced to Rs.150/- per day and it was Rs.65/-

The Third Police Commission constituted by the Government of Tamilnadu had opined that the services of Home Guards are to be utilized in regulating traffic etc. to reduce the burden of Police. No need to say, that the Home Guards in all cities and major towns in Tamilnadu are invariably utilized in regulating traffic, crowd control, crime control, though there is limitation in call outs.

It has become a routine phenomenon nowadays that the Home Guards are regularly deployed in all General Elections duties and at times the Home Guards are manning polling booths grading its sensitivity. Another important event during the recent days is that the senior officers of Home Guards are given personal audience by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

An interesting aspect worth mentioning here is, that at Dharmapuri in a Government Hospital, a poor woman was enticed by a broker (lady) to sell her newborn child. The poor lady has come to the hospital to leave the child in the Government cradle. This was watched by a woman Home Guard who was on duty at the Hospital, intervened, chased the broker and advised the poor lady to avail the Government scheme. This sense of social awareness by the Woman Home Guard was well appreciated by the District Administration. Likewise, at Kanchipuram, a traveler in a train had lost his cash pouch and it was located by the Home Guard and was handed over to the Police. Both SPs Railways and Kanchipuram rewarded the Home Guards suitably. Why this is mentioned here is that, assisting Police alone is not the responsibility of the members of this organization, but they too do real services to the society.

During every monsoon, a control room starts functioning at Cheanni HQrs. which monitors the flood relief- work in coastal areas. The Home Guards are trained in rescue operations, watermanship courses etc. During tsunami also, the performance of the Home Guards was well appreciated and they were suitably rewarded.

Medals:In recognition of conspicuous acts of gallantry, outstanding devotion to duty and distinguished meritorious service, the President’s Home Guards and Civil Defense Medal and Home Guards and Civil Defense Medal have been instituted in Oct. 1974. the members of Home guards, Civil Defence and Mobile Civil Emergency Force organizations including both permanent staff and volunteer members of these organizations within the territory of India are eligible to get these rewards. The awards of distinguished/meritorious service will be announced every year on the 26th Jan. (Republic Day) and on 15th August (Independence day). For conspicuous gallantry, the awards will be announced as soon as possible after the occasion which the conspicuous gallantry was shown.

Sports Activities: Annual State level Professional and Home Guards Sports Meet is conducted in some District HQrs. and continuously for 23 years it is being done. Prior to the State meet, at district level and Range level Meet is conducted regularly. Around 2500 Home guards assemble every year and for 3 days the meet is conducted. Apart from regular sports activities, shooting competition is also conducted.

Global Warming: “Home Guards for a Cleaner and Greener World” is the slogans of Home guards. Global warming awareness activities are regularly conducted with the assistance of schools and college students, such as conducting rallies, stage shows, distributing hand bills etc.

Home Guards Day: Every year on Dec.6th, Home Guards day is celebrated.

Assisting Government functionaries : For collecting contribution from the public, on every Flag Day, Home Guards involve them in collection of contributions. And for taking census also, the services of Home Guards are regularly utilized.

Home Guards
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