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Home Guards

Success of the principles of Democracy mostly lies on 'common acceptance' and 'civil participation' Social equality and respect for others' rights.

A Home Guard when in uniform, what ever posts he holds, when he falls in line with others, the equality is the prime concern and no difference in their steps.

Home Guards members are from all walks of life. Policing is little difficult job, because the society is yet to get close acquaintance with them.

When a Home Guard shares the responsibility of the Police Man, being an auxiliary force, he identifies himself with both the Police and the Public. Apart from rendering services to the society, the Home Guard plays a vital role in neutralizing the situations. So, it is true that he is a 'bridge' between the both.


A. Shivakumar
Assistant Commandant General-In Chief
Tamilnadu Home Guards

Home Guards
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Home Guards
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